church leaders


Rev. Sue Hardman-Zimmerman


Rev. John Hardman-Zimmerman

Outreach Coordinator: Linda Allen
Office Administrator and Lay Leader: Lori McVeigh

Office Assistant and Historian: Judy Blair
Music & Choir Director: Ann Reed
Bells of Joy Director: Karen James

Membership Secretary: Penny Ford
Sunday School Superintendents: 
Marsha Johnson & Linda Allen

Sunday School Teachers: Marsha Johnson & Rose Wetherby

Altar Design & Flowers: Arlene O’Connor

Ushers: Scott & Diane Sharrow

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a welcoming body of Christians committed to

serving God, nurturing one another, and reaching out to our local and

global community with the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ

  through our worship, our prayers, our education, and our gifts.