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Discipleship is the life-long practice of learning and growing in faith. Discipleship requires personal commitment, the support of a community who understands and is participating in discipleship themselves.

At RUMC, we believe that learning how to be a disciple begins with practicing 'Inside-Out' hospitality.  This means being the Church wherever we are, bearing the same welcome, compassion, and acceptance  shown to us by Christ.

What is Discipleship?


Those considering membership are asked to embark on a journey where first they seek to grow by studying and practicing our faith as found in Scripture, shaped by Tradition, grown by Reason, and made stronger through Experience.

Becoming a Member is itself an act of leadership within the faith community. Members vow to graciously help bear the financial, spiritual, and missional responsibilities of the Church in its local ministry context.  

What is Membership?

At Rutland UMC, we use the term 'Transformational Discipleship'

to describe the relationship between faith, practice, and Local Church membership.

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Membership Process
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Transformational Discipleship Brochure
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Transformational Discipleship Certification Plan
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